Science of the Saints, 28 May, Our Venerable Father Nicetas, Bishop of Chalcedon

The Monk Nicetas the Confessor, Bishop of Chalcedon, lived during the second half of the eighth century. For his God-pleasing life he was elevated to the dignity of bishop of Chalcedon.

Saint Nicetas distinguished himself by his charity. He always helped the poor, he took in wanderers into his dwelling, he concerned himself about the orphaned and the widowed, and he interceded for the wronged. During the reign of the Iconoclast Leo the Armenian (813-820), Saint Nicetas bravely denounced the Iconoclast heresy and urged his flock reverently to venerate the holy icons of Christ, the Mother of God, and the holy Saints. Saint Nicetas endured much suffering from the impious emperor and his like-minded cohorts; he was subjected to tortures and sent off to exile. The holy Confessor Nicetas died at the beginning of the ninth century. From his relics occurred miracles of healing. In the Canon of the service to him, written by the Constantinople presbyter Joseph, it declares as glorified amongst the Saints also the brother of Saint Nicetas, Saint Ignatius.

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