Small Menaion – June


+ Holy Martyr Justin the Philosopher

Troparion, Tone 4.
O Justin, teacher of divine knowledge, thou didst shine with the rays of true philosophy and wast wisely armed against the enemy. Confessing the truth thou didst contend with the martyrs: with them ever entreat Christ our God to save our souls.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
The whole Church of God is adorned with the wisdom of thy divine words, O Justin; the world is enlightened by the radiance of thy life. By the shedding of thy blood, thou hast received a crown. As thou dost stand before Christ with the angels, pray unceasingly for us all.


+ Saint Nicephorus the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople

Troparion, Tone 3.
Thine inspired confession gained victory for the Church, O holy Hierarch Nicephoros. Thou didst suffer unjust exile through reverence for the icon of God the Word. O righteous Father, pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion, Tone 4.
Thou didst receive from God the Victor’s crown: save those who faithfully venerate thee as a hierarch and teacher of Christ.


+ Holy Martyrs Lucian of Tarsus, and those with him, and the Holy Virgin Paula.

Troparion, Tone 1.
Like a radiant star thou didst shine out of the night of error and didst slay the crafty enemy, O Lucian. Together with holy Paula and the four children pray to Christ our God to save our souls.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
O glorious Martyr, thou didst endure grievous torments, and together with Paula and the children didst cry to thy Creator: O Savior, we are slaughtered like sacrificial sheep through love for Thee.


+ Saint Metrophanes, First Patriarch of Constantinople

Troparion, Tone 1.
O good shepherd, thou didst proclaim the great mystery of the Trinity and manifest Christ’s dispensation to all. Thou didst put to flight the spiritual wolves who menaced your rational flock and didst save the lambs of Christ who cry: Glory to Him Who has strengthened thee; glory to Him who has exalted thee; glory to Him Who through thee has strengthened the Orthodox Faith.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Thou didst proclaim the Faith of Christ by thy words, and by thy life thou didst increase Christ’s flock to a multitude. Now thou dost rejoice with the Angels, and art ceaselessly praying for us, O Metrophanes.


+ Holy Hiermartyr Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre

Troparion, Tone 4.
O Dorotheos, wise Hierarch of Christ, thou didst receive the light of wisdom as a gift from the Father of lights. Thou didst increase the talents given to thee and contest in thine old age beyond the bounds of nature. And thou, O Hieromartyr, art interceding for our souls.

Kontakion, Tone 3.
By preaching Orthodox doctrine, O Hieromartyr, thou didst offer thyself as a godly and holy gift. Thou didst first excel in asceticism and then contest in martyrdom, and attain to receiving the victor’s prize from Christ our God.


+ Saint Hilarion the New, Abbot of the Monastery of Dalmatus in Constantinople

Troparion, Tone 1.
By cultivating the words of the Lord, thou didst blossom with grace like an olive tree. With the oil of divine virtues and by thy confession, blessed Hilarion, thou didst gladden those who faithfully cry to thee: Glory to Christ Who has strengthened thee; glory to Him Who has crowned thee; glory to Him Who through thee works healings for all.

Kontakion, Tone 1.
Though contesting with fire thou wast not burned, for the dew of God refreshed thee. Thou didst rejoice to accomplish struggles beyond nature. As thou art now among the righteous, O Hilarion, remember us.


+ Holy Hieromartyr Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra

Troparion, Tone 3.
God enriched thee with the gift of the sacred ministry, O blessed Hierarch Theodotos. Thou didst offer the excellent deeds of thy contest as gifts to the Lord thy God. O righteous Father, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
O Priest of God Theodotos, thou didst emulate the trophy bearers. Thou hast received a double crown and art rejoicing with the Bodiless Ones. And thou art interceding for our souls.


+ Translation of the Relics of Great Martyr Theodore

Troparion, Tone 4.
With thy true strategy, O Trophy-bearer, thou wast an illustrious general of the Heavenly King. Armed with the weapons of faith, thou didst annihilate hordes of demons. O victorious Athlete Theodore, with faith we call thee blessed.

Kontakion, Tone 8.
Through lying as dead in thine holy reliquary thou art enjoying eternal life. Thou dost pour forth a fountain of gifts for those who venerate thy relics and seek thine help, O Theodore, God the Word’s commander.


+ Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria
+ Saint Cyril of Byeloozersk

Troparion of St Cyril of Alexandria, Tone 1.
With all reverence let us praise the light of the world, the great orator and champion of the Mother of God; for by his fiery teachings he burned the heresy of Nestorius. Wherefore let us cry to him: O divine Cyril, intercede with Christ to strengthen the Orthodox faith.

Troparion of St Cyril of Byeloozersk, Tone 1.
O Father Cyril, uprooting the thorns of passions thou didst blossom as a lily in David’s wilderness, where thou didst gather a multitude of disciples and guide them as a father in the fear of God. Glory to Him Who has strengthened thee; glory to Him Who has crowned thee; glory to Him Who through thee works healings for all.

Kontakion of St Cyril of Alexandria, Tone 6.
Thy teaching has reached to the ends of the earth. For from the wellsprings of the Savior, O blessed one, thou hast poured forth a flood of doctrine which engulfs all heresies.

Kontakion of St Cyril of Byeloozersk, Tone 8.
Thou didst scorn all ways and thoughts which dragged thee down and didst rejoice to yearn for the heavenward course. With the Saints before the Trinity pray that thy flock may be preserved; for as we celebrate thy repose we cry to thee: Rejoice, O blessed Father Cyril.


+ Holy Martyrs Alexander and Antonina

Troparion, Tone 1.
Let us praise the two holy Martyrs, renowned Alexander and noble Antonina; in their holy contests they shone with love, faith and healing for those who cry together: Glory to Him Who has strengthened you; glory to Him Who has crowned you; glory to Him Who through you works healings for all.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Let us bless godly Alexander and Antonina, spiritual kinsmen in Christ and of one mind in holiness; receiving their struggles and wounds as fragrant myrrh He has glorified them.


+ Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas

Troparion of Ss Bartholomew and Barnabas, Tone 3.
Instruments of the Comforter and proclaimers of the Word, O Apostles and Seers of God, Bartholomew of the Twelve and Barnabas son of consolation, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion of the Apostle Bartholomew, Tone 4.
Thou didst appear as a great sun to the world with miracles and rays of teachings. Thou dost guide to the light all who venerate thee, O Bartholomew, Apostle of the Lord.

Kontakion of the Apostle Barnabas, Tone 3.
Thou wast the Lord’s servant and the first of the Seventy, and thy preaching shone with Paul’s. Thou didst proclaim Christ the Savior to all, O Barnabas. Wherefore we celebrate thy memory with hymns.


+ Saint Onuphrius the Great of Egypt and Saint Peter of Athos

Troparion, Tone 1.
In the flesh you lived the life of Angels, you were citizens of the desert and treasuries of grace, O Onuphrius adornment of Egypt, and Peter the light of Athos. Wherefore we honour your struggles as we sing to you: Glory to Him Who has strengthened you; glory to Him Who has made you wonderful; glory to Him Who through you works healings for all.

Kontakion, Tone 8.
By your achievements in the wilderness you became like the Bodiless Powers, godly Onuphrius, and righteous Peter adornment of Athos you heavenly-minded pair who sing: Alleluia.


+ Holy Martyr Aquilina the Virgin

Troparion, Tone 4.
O Aquilina Bride of Christ, by thy love for Him thou wast revealed to the ends of the world as a pure virgin and victor in the contest. Thou didst blossom like a spiritual rose, fragrant with purity in thy struggle. Thou art interceding with the Lord to save us all.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Thou didst purify thy soul with the virtue of humility, and by thy martyrdom thou didst ascend to the heights of holiness. Thou wast wounded with love for Christ thy Bridegroom, O venerable Aquilina. Thou art radiantly standing in His presence with the Angels; together with them pray for us all.


+ Holy Prophet Eliseus

Troparion, Tone 4.
Interpreter of the Savior’s words, teacher and enlightener of those under the law, thou wast known to those afar by thy signs and miracles, for thou didst inherit the grace of the Tishbite. Preserve us evermore, O divine Prophet Eliseus.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
O Prophet of God, thou didst worthily receive a double portion of grace, for thou wast a companion of Elias. With him intercede with Christ our God unceasingly for us all.


+ Holy Prophet Amos

Troparion, Tone 1.
God the Word has revealed thee, O Prophet Amos, as a seer Of things sublime. He has been pleased with thy life and labours, for thou didst rebuke the ungodly and die as a martyr. Wherefore thou wast found worthy of eternal life we beseech thee to intercede for us all.

Kontakion, Tone 4.
Thou didst purify thy burning heart in the Spirit, O glorious Prophet Amos. Thou didst receive the gift of prophecy from heaven and proclaim throughout the world: This is our God and there is none beside Him.


+ Saint Tikhon, Bishop of Amathus in Cyprus

Troparion, Tone 3.
God called thee to the sacred priesthood as a worthy servant of the Holy Trinity. Thou didst shine with the grace of godliness and strengthen the Church by many miracles. O righteous Tikhon, pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion, Tone 3.
Thou wast resplendent in asceticism, O beloved of God, and didst receive power from the Holy Spirit to destroy idolatry, put demons to flight, to save souls and to heal the sick. We honour thee, O blessed Tikhon.


+ Holy Martyrs Manuel, Sabelius, and Ismael, and Companions

Troparion, Tone 3.
The nine-fold company of God the Word, Isaurus, Felix and Hermas, Peregrinus and Innocent, Manuel and Basil, glorious Ismael and blessed Sabelius put to flight the enemy hosts. As the Lord’s martyrs they received the prizes of victory.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Wounded with faith and love for Christ you faithfully drank the martyr’s cup and overthrew the Persian idol’s impudence. O blessed Martyrs, you are interceding with the Trinity for us all.


+ Holy Martyr Leontius

Troparion, Tone 3.
Girded with divine strength thou didst triumph in thy contest, O Leontius the Savior’s trophy-bearer. Thou didst spring into the contest like a lion, and destroy the enemy’s might; O glorious Martyr, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion, Tone 3.
Thou didst confound the tyrant’s wicked plans and expose the pagans’ empty worship. Thou didst illumine all men with the knowledge of God by thy teachings, O holy Martyr. We lovingly venerate thy memory, O wise Leontius.


+ Holy Apostle Jude, Brother of the Lord
+ Saint Pasius the Great of Egypt

Troparion of the Apostle Jude, Tone 1.
We know thee as Christ’s kinsman and martyr and praise thee with holy chant. O Apostle Jude, thou didst trample on error and preserve the Faith. As today we celebrate thy memory, through thy prayers may our sins be forgiven.

Troparion of St Paisius, Tone 4.
The sublime monk and incarnate angel, the bodiless man and citizen of heaven grants grace to all who honour him as today he celebrates with us. Let us fervently ascribe glory to him.

Kontakion of the Apostle Jude, Tone 1.
Thou hast sprung as a divine branch from a noble root, O Apostle and Brother of God, wise herald of Christ and the Lord’s eye-witness, thou hast nourished the world with thy words and as the Lord’s initiate thou dost teach the Orthodox Faith.

Kontakion of St Paisius, Tone 8.
Let us the faithful sing praises to divinely-wise Paisius the desert’s adornment, equal-to-the-Angels, Christ’s friend and the glory of monks. Let us cry to him: Rejoice, O Father Paisius.


+ Holy Hieromartyr Methodius, Bishop of Patara

Troparion, Tone 1.
Thy blood, O wise Methodius, cries to God from the earth like the blood of Abel. O holy Martyr, thou didst preach Christ’s incarnation and defeat the false doctrines of Origen. Thou hast entered the heavenly bridal chamber: Pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved.

Kontakion, Tone 4.
O Priest and initiate of the Holy Trinity, preacher of Divine commandments and support of the Orthodox, thou didst expose the errors of false doctrine and shed thy blood as a martyr for the Faith. O Methodius, standing before Christ with the Angels, pray that we may be saved.


+ Saint Julian of Tarsus

Troparion, Tone 5.
O inspired Julian, thy mother guided thee to become a glorious soldier of Christ. Thou wast clad in spiritual armour; therefore thou didst enter the contest and destroy the enemy, and art interceding for us all.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Today we all praise Julian the unconquerable holy warrior, the champion and vessel of truth to whom we cry: Intercede with Christ our God for us all.


+ Saint Eusebius the Confessor, Bishop of Samosata

Troparion, Tone 4.
Illumined by the Spirit’s wisdom, thou didst reveal God’s word, O glorious Eusebius; for as a Hierarch of the Trinity, in thine holy contest thou didst destroy errors. Holy Father pray that we all may be saved.

Kontakion, Tone 8.
Thou didst sow godly teachings and uproot the tares of Arius and wast adorned with the martyr’s crown; thou didst proclaim God the Word to be of one Essence with the Father and the Spirit: wherefore we cry to thee: Rejoice, O Father Eusebius.


+ Holy Martyr Agrippina the Virgin

Troparion, Tone 3.
Strengthened by the Holy Spirit thou didst excel in contest, O Agrippina fragrant with virginity. Glorified by Christ’s grace thou didst water the world with miracles. O glorious Martyr, pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion, Tone 4.
The radiant day of thy contest has come on which the Church celebrates thy martyrdom. She calls on all to cry gladly to thee: Rejoice, O Virgin Martyr Agrippina.



Troparion, Tone 4.
O Prophet and Forerunner of the coming of Christ, we who lovingly honour thee know not how to extol thee worthily; for thy mother’s barrenness and thy father’s muteness were ended by thy glorious and honourable birth; and the Incarnation of the Son of God is proclaimed to the world.

Kontakion, Tone 3.
Today a barren woman giveth birth to the Forerunner of Christ; and he is the culmination of all prophecy; for when in the River Jordan he laid his hand upon Him Whom the prophets had proclaimed, he showed himself to be the Prophet and Preacher of God the Word and also His Forerunner.


+ Holy Martyr Febronia the Virgin of Palmyra

Troparion, Tone 3.
Like a fragrant rose of asceticism thou didst breathe forth the myrrh of Christ. Wherefore He has glorified thee as a righteous martyr, O Febronia. Intercede with Him for those who cry: Rejoice, noble and blessed Martyr.

Kontakion, Tone 3.
Thou wast adorned with the grace of virginity and the beauty of martyrdom, O Febronia, Bride of Christ. Thou didst bear thy lamp and run to thy Bridegroom and wast crowned with incorruption. Pray for those who faithfully praise thee.


+ Appearance of the Icon of the Mother of God of Tikhvin
+ Ssaint David of Thessalonica

Troparion of the Icon, Tone 4.
Thine Icon, O Mother of God, shines from heaven like a brilliant sun. It illumines the world with rays of mercy which we reverently receive as God’s gift. We glorify thee as Queen of all, and magnify Christ our God Whom thou didst bear. Pray to Christ, O Mother of God our Lady and Queen, to keep all Christians unharmed by the enemy. Save those who faithfully venerate His Image and thy pure Icon, O Virgin.

Troparion of St David of Thessalonica, Tone 5.
O David, thy love for God the Word gave thee wings and thou didst live an angelic life in a tree. Thou didst produce for us fruits of grace and we partake of them spiritually, crying to thee with faith: Pray for us to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion of the Icon, Tone 8.
Let us thank Christ our God, and run to the Virgin and Queen His Mother; tenderly gazing on her miraculous icon let us fall down and cry: Thou hast visited this land by the appearance of thine icon: keep our people in peace and make them heirs of heaven; for we cry with faith: Rejoice, O Virgin, salvation of the world.

Kontakion of St David of Thessalonica, Tone 2.
We bless thee, O David, servant of God; thou art like the Angels and estranged from things earthly. Thou dost now rejoice in divine gifts: grant us to share in them also, O holy and righteous Father.


+ Saint Sampson the Hospitable

Troparion, Tone 4.
O holy Sampson, imitator of God’s compassion, thou dost pour forth streams of divine goodness. For radiant with God’s love thou didst relieve the afflicted and suffering, and dost grant eternal healing to all who honour thee.

Kontakion, Tone 8.
We flock to thy shrine as to a most excellent physician, O righteous, holy Sampson. We come together to praise thee with psalms and hymns and we glorify Christ Who has gifted thee with healing.


+ Translation of the Relics of Saints Cyrus and John

Troparion, Tone 5.
O Christ God, Thou hast given us the miracles of Thy martyrs, Cyrus and John, as an invincible rampart. Through their prayers, frustrate the plans of the heathens, and strengthen the faith of the Orthodox Christians, for Thou alone art good and lovest mankind.

Kontakion, Tone 3.
Having received the gift of miracles through divine grace, O saints, you work wonders in the world unceasingly. You remove all of our passions through your invisible surgery, divinely-wise Cyrus and glorious John, for you are truly divine physicians.



Troparion, Tone 4.
O foremost of the Apostles and teachers of the world, entreat the Master of all to grant peace to the world and to our souls great mercy.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Into the enjoyment of repost and Thy good things, O Lord, Thou hast taken those steadfast heralds of God and preachers who were Thy chief disciples; for Thou hast accepted their labours and death as above all other offerings, O Thou Who alone knowest the secrets of our hearts.


+ Synaxis of the Twelve Apostles

Troparion, Tone 3.
Holy Apostles, intercede with our merciful God, that he may grant to our souls the forgiveness of our sins.

Kontakion, Tone 2.
Today Christ the Rock gladly glorifies the rock of faith, the chosen disciple, together with Paul and the whole company of the Twelve. As we celebrate their memory we glorify Him who has glorified them.