Science of the Saints, 19 May, The Holy Martyr Patrick, Bishop of Prussa and his Companions

Saint Patrick lived during the first century and was bishop of the city of Prussa in Bythnia (Asia Minor). He openly and boldly preached the teachings of Christ the Saviour and denounced the error of the pagans. For this he was taken together with the three presbyters – Akakios, Menander, and Polienos, and led for interrogation to the governor of the city, Julius.

At the time Julius was on journey for treatment at an hot-springs, and he gave orders to bring along after him also the Christian bishop with the presbyters, bound in iron chains. Having washed in the hot-springs, Julius offered sacrifice to his gods and, summoning Saint Patrick and the other prisoners, he demanded them to offer sacrifice to the pagan gods, threatening punishments in case of refusal.

Saint Patrick replied to this: “I am a Christian and I worship the One True God, Jesus Christ, Who hath created the heavens and the earth and these warm springs for the benefit of all mankind.” On the command of Julius they threw the saint into the hot spring, and with firm faith the martyr prayed for help: “Lord, Jesus Christ, help me, Thy servant,” and he remained unharmed.

In a rage of impotence Julius gave orders to cut off the head of Saint Patrick and his three presbyters. The end for the martyrs occurred in about the year 100 after the Birth of Christ.

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