Science of the Saints, 27 April, The Holy Hieromartyr Simeon, Kinsman of our Lord

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The Holy Disciple and Hieromartyr Simeon, kinsman of the Lord, was the son of Cleopas, younger brother of Saint Joseph the Betrothed. In his adolescent years he beheld the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ, believed in Him and became one of the 70 Disciples. Saint Simeon preached the teachings of Christ, exhorted the truths of holy faith and denounced idol worship. After the killing of the holy Apostle James, the first bishop of Jerusalem (+63), in his place the Christians chose the holy Disciple Simeon. During the reign of emperor Trajan (98-117) it was reported to the Roman governor Atticus that Saint Simeon was descended from the lineage of King David (the Romans exterminated all the descendants of King David) and was confessing the Christian faith. The pagans seized hold of Saint Simeon, who at that time was already a hundred year old man, and after lengthy torture they crucified him on a cross.

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