Science of the Saints, 15 March, The Holy Martyr Agapius and his Companions

The Holy Martyrs Agapius, Puplius, Timolaus, Romilus, Alexander, Alexander, Dionysius and Dionysius suffered under the emperor Diocletian (284-305) in the city of Palestinian Caesarea.

At the time of one of the pagan feasts they began to torture and execute Christians who refused to offer sacrifice to idols. At this time the Martyr Timotheus was sentenced to burning, and the Martyrs Agapius and Thecla were sentenced to tearing apart by wild beasts. The group of young Christians – Puplius, Timolaus, Alexander, another Alexander, Dionysius, and the subdeacon of the Diaspolis church Romilus, decided publicly to confess their faith and suffer for Christ. As a sign of their voluntary deed they tied themselves together by the feet and appeared before the governor Urban. Seeing their youthfulness, the governor tried to persuade them to refrain from their decision, but in vain. He then threw them in prison, where there were already two Christians – Agapius, undergoing tortures for faith in Christ, and his servant Dionysius. All these saints were subjected to terrible tortures and beheaded.

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