Science of the Saints, 13-VIII-2018 (31 Jul.), St Eudocimus

Righteous Eudocimus, a native of Cappadocia, lived during the Ninth Century during the reign of emperor Theophilos (829-842). He was the son of the pious Christians Basil and Eudocia, an illustrious family and known to the emperor. The righteous life of Saint Eudocimus was totally guided towards pleasing God and service to neighbour. Having given a vow to remain unmarried and chaste, he avoided conversation with women and did not look at them; only with his own mother whom he extremely respected did he carry on edifying conversation. For his virtuous life the emperor appointed Saint Eudocimus as governor of the Kharsian district. Fulfilling his duty as a servant of God, Righteous Eudocimus governed the people justly and with kindness, he concerned himself over the misfortunate, and about orphans and widows, and he was a defender of the common people. His personal Christian exploits which he did in secret, were known only to God.

Eudocimus pleased God by his blameless life, and the Lord called him at age 33. Lying on his deathbed, Saint Eudocimus gave final instructions to place him in the grave in those clothes in which he would meet death. Then he sent everyone out of the room and besought the Lord in prayer, that no one would see his end, just as no one saw his secret efforts during life. His attendants buried him as he had instructed them. Right after the death of Righteous Eudocimus miracles happened at his grave, many sick people were healed, and the news about the miracles of healing spread about.

After eighteen months the mother of Saint Eudocimus came to venerate the relics, from Constantinople, whither his parents had settled after the death of the saint. She gave orders to remove the stone, dig up the ground, open the grave, and everyone beheld the face of the saint, bright as though alive, altogether untouched by decay. Great fragrance came from him. They took up the coffin with the relics from the earth, and they changed the saint into new clothes. His mother wanted to take the relics of her son to Constantinople, but the Kharsian people would not clear a path for their holy one. But after a certain while the priest-monk Joseph, having lived and served at the grave of the saint, transported all the relics of Saint Eudocimus to Constantinople. There they were placed in a silver reliquary in the church of the Most Holy Mother of God, built by the parents of the saint.

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