Science of the Saints, 7 June, The Holy Martyr Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra

The Holy Martyr Theodotus lived in Galatian Ancyra in the third century. He was distinguished by an especial kindliness and concern.

At the height of the persecution under Diocletian (284-305) he provided Christians all the necessities and gave them shelter in his home, where secretly they made Divine services. Saint Theodotus visited the Christian captives in prison, paid their bail, and reverently gave burial to the bodies of martyrs thrown for devouring by wild beasts. One time he dragged out of the water and gave burial to the bodies of seven holy martyresses, drowned in the sea. The enemies of the faith reported about this to the governor. Having refused to offer sacrifice to idols and having denounced the pagan folly, Saint Theodotus confessed the true faith in Christ, for which they subjected him to terrible tortures and beheaded him with the sword (+ 303). They wanted to burn up the body of the holy martyr, but a storm having arisen made it futile to attempt this, and they gave him over to a Christian for burial.

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