Science of the Saints, 13 October, Holy Martyrs Carpus, Papylus, Agathodorus, and Agathonica

The Holy Martyrs Carpus, Bishop of Phiatirea, Deacon Papylus, Agathodorus, and Agathonica the sister of Papylus, suffered during a time of persecution against Christians under the emperor Decius in the third century. 

The governor of the district where the saints lived became aware that Carpus and Papylus did not celebrate the pagan feasts. He gave orders to arrest the transgressors and first to try to persuade them in the veracity of the Roman pagan religion. 

The saints answered that it would be improper to worship false gods. The judge then ordered them to be bound and led through the city in iron chains, and then to be tied to horses and dragged to the nearby city of Sardis. 

Agathodorus and Agathonica voluntarily followed after Carpus and Papylus. 

In Sardis they choked Agathonica to death with ox sinews, and beheaded Carpus, Papylus and Agathodorus. 

Saint Papylus during life was known for his gift of treating the sick. After his martyr’s death he invariably gives healing to all who have recourse to him with faith.

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