The Hieromartyr Eutychius, a disciple of the holy Apostles John the Theologian and Paul, lived from the First Century into the beginning Second Century, and was from the city of Palestinian Sebasteia. 

Although Saint Eutychius is not reckoned among the number of the Seventy Disciples, he received the title Disciple for his labours together with the older Apostles, by whom he was made bishop. 

Having heard the preaching about Christ the Saviour, Saint Eutychius at first became a student of the Apostle John the Theologian, and then having met the Apostle Paul, he preached together with him on the early journeys. 

Saint Eutychius underwent many sufferings: they starved him with hunger, struck at his body with iron, they flung him in the fire and then for devouring by wild beasts. One time there was let loose upon the saint a lion, which brought fright to everyone in that it rendered praise to the Creator – having been given human voice. The Hieromartyr Eutychius finished with his works in his native city, where he was beheaded with a sword at the beginning of the Second Century.